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IWRM-Net Webinars - first three presentations now available for download.

Presentation now available for download.

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IWRM Karlsruhe side event - European Innovation for Sustainable Water Management: Users meet Researchers - 22 November 2012

European Innovation for Sustainable Water Management: Users meet Researchers

 a WaterDiss2.0 side event at the IWRM Karlsruhe 2012


The presentations as well as conclusions from this side event are now available online. Please access them by choosing the respective presentation title below. A short summary article has also been published on the website of Ecologic Institute.


WaterDiss2.0 and AQUAREHAB: The challenges of integrating impact of remediation technologies into water management

Wednesday, 26.09.2012, afternoon session

Project overview

The implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and its daughter directives, as well as the Floods Directive, is not a “Business-as-usual approach” and constitutes an exceptional challenge to water managers and governments across Europe. Assessments of the current status of implementation have shown that less than 40% of water bodies will meet the Good Ecological Status in 2015.

IWA World Congress Dublin - Communicating research: Getting your message across NEW Results available

Monday, 14.05.2012, 09:40 – 12:50

Special Session at the IWA World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, The Convention Centre on May 13-18, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland            

What are the appropriate channels for communication to transmit knowledge and ensure uptake in policy and practice? What are common pitfalls and how can these be avoided?

GEOLAND2 output: Pan European application of the Hydrological model, HYPE



What is E-HYPE model?

E-HYPE is a pan European application of the Hydrological model, HYPE.

EHYPE is devided into 35000 subbasins with an average size of about 200 square kilometers.

E-HYPE can be used to deliver most hydrological and nutrient variables.

Summer School 2012: Flood Risk Management, University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, 16th – 20th July 2012


The WATERDISS 2.0 Summer School on FLOOD RISK MANAGEMENT was organized with the aim to provide an opportunity of an intensive working together of talented young researchers, PhD students or freelancers from all over Europe with some of the leading academics, researchers and practitioners in the field.


The Summer School was intended to:

§ disseminate the latest and more relevant results coming out from EU funded research on flood risk management and closely related topics;

Transferring European research outcomes in practice

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