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Scientific methodology and work package

The work plan is built around the main steps of the project :

  • Assessing of the identified FP research projects outputs as seeds for further research or innovation (WP1)
  • Designing Individualised Dissemination Strategies and the ad’hoc tools (WP2)
  • Marketing those results to the appropriate target groups (WP3)
  • The permanent internal evaluation of the project and its efficiency, with an eye on the future of this initiative (WP4)
  • The project management; including the liaison of the project with its environment (WP5)

Dissemination is in-built in the workpackages, both when collecting information, and when marketing the results ; specific activities are also foreseen as a Liaison issue.

Workplan :

WP1. Identify and analyse relevant EU-funded projects on environmental technologies focusing on water, and involve the coordinators:

Task 1.1. Data gathering, questionnaires and individual interviews of coordinators

Task 1.2. Analyze the dissemination impact of the projects already ended

Task 1.3. Participatory stakeholders’ meeting to review the proposed methodology

Task 1.4. Analysis of potential uptake of the results of the projects

Task 1.5. Preliminary validation of SPi research needs


WP2. Design the methodology for the Individual Dissemination Strategy of project results

Task 2.1. Description of the relevant social actors (target groups)

Task 2.2. Preparation of the dissemination events

Task 2.3. Development of the web infrastructure


WP3. Dissemination of the results of the reviewed EU projects, targeted to different categories of social actors;

Task 3.1. Annual planning of Dissemination Strategies join activities

Task 3.2. Operation of social networking

Task 3.3. Brokerage and training events: booths, summer schools, seminars…


WP4. Assessment of the impact of the activities

Task 4.1. Quality control - Definition of indicators - evaluation framework

Task 4.2. Assessment of the dissemination performed by the project

Task 4.3. Guidelines for future EU projects dissemination and uptake strategy