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Summer School 2012: Flood Risk Management, University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, 16th – 20th July 2012


The WATERDISS 2.0 Summer School on FLOOD RISK MANAGEMENT was organized with the aim to provide an opportunity of an intensive working together of talented young researchers, PhD students or freelancers from all over Europe with some of the leading academics, researchers and practitioners in the field.


The Summer School was intended to:

§ disseminate the latest and more relevant results coming out from EU funded research on flood risk management and closely related topics;

§ help participants in defining relevant research topics and powerful methods in the field of flood risk evaluation and management;

§ provide a forum for talented young researchers and freelancers from various regions of the world for exchanging ideas and establishing a research and professional network;

§ meet practitioners in flood risk management and understand their needs so that future research outputs can have more significant impacts  and accelerate innovation.


The Summer School programme was based on the participation of the project partners of some of the most important EU funded research projects dealing with flood risk management: FLOODsite, SUCA, IMRA, MOVE, HYDRATE, ROOMFORTHERIVER, CONHAZ, IMPRINTS. After each session there has been the time (at least 1 hour) for direct and free interaction/discussion between students and speakers on the issues presented.  

There have also been a number of exercises to assist the students in developing a proposal for a research project, incorporating the design of the dissemination and take-up stages and the budgeting for those operations.

Please find the agenda in the attached document.

Please find all detailed information and results of the summer school here.

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