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WaterDiss2.0 Consensus Conference: Expediting the Transfer of European Water Research. Berlin, 3 – 4 November 2011

Berlin, 3 – 4 November 2011

Water practitioners and researchers share a common interest in catalyzing the transfer and use of EU-funded water research outputs in order to meet the policy aims set out in the Water Framework Directive and related directives. The WaterDiss2.0 project, funded within the Seventh Framework Programme for research and technology development (FP7), aims to improve the processes of research communication and uptake and adds an intermediate step after research, much like a marketing team in industry. From 2011 until 2013, the WaterDiss2.0 consortium will be working to speed up the transfer of FP water research results to intended users with the support of events designed for specific audiences and by engaging scientists, policy makers and water managers in the European Water Community.(

During the initial project phase, the focus of WaterDiss2.0 has been upon assessing the needs and requirements for improving the dissemination and uptake of research results. For a selection of 60 FP6 and FP7 projects, the WaterDiss2.0 consortium is now looking to analyse the potential futures of the research outputs in close collaboration with the research teams and to design and help realise dissemination strategies for each individual project.

With this conference, the WaterDiss2.0 consortium aims to introduce, discuss and validate our approach to communicating results of EU-funded water research and to promoting their uptake in the water sector. We aim to emphasize how the WaterDiss2.0 process can be a normal component of the dissemination step of every research project. Finally, by bringing together practitioners and scientists, the conference will serve as a platform to build and strengthen networks of water professionals, an essential tool in order to better protect our European water bodies.


Programme overview


3 November 2011

Venue: Weihenstephaner, Neue Promenade 5, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

19:00 - Welcome dinner for all participants

4 November 2011

Venue: Ecologic Institute, Pfalzburger Straße 43/44, 10717 Berlin, Conference Room 4th floor

09:00 – 11:15 Session I: Presentation of WaterDiss2.0 Dissemination and Uptake of FP Water Research Results

  1. Short welcome and presentation of WaterDiss2.0

  2. The WaterDiss2.0 Analysis grid and Dissemination Strategy Template

  3. The WaterDiss2.0 Toolbox

  4. The WaterDiss2.0 Activities

  5. Questions and Discussion

11:30 - 12:20 Session II: Best Practice Dissemination Strategies of Example EU-Funded Water Research Projects

  1. FP 6 AMEDEUS Accelerate Membrane Development for Urban Sewage Purification
  2. FP6 BRIDGE Developing a Common Methodology for the Evaluation of Groundwater Environmental Quality
  3. Questions and Discussion

12:30 17:00: Session III: World Café workshop on improving dissemination and uptake of European research and identifying solutions for overcoming existing barriers

  1. Introduction to the World Café workshop method
  2. Lunch

  3. Informal working ground session bringin together stakeholders and scientists for debate in a coffee shop atmosphere:
  • What are the cornerstones of best practice dissemination with respect to FP water research?
  • Where do scientists most need or desire assistance with dissemination and uptake of project results?
  • How can Web2.0 tools best be used to improve dissemination?
  • How much flexibility does a successful dissemination strategy require?
  1. Presentation and discussion of working group results
  2. Conclusions of the Conference

17:00 End of the conference