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The presentations held during the Conference as well as the Conclusions are available by clicking on the respective topic:

09:00 – 11:15 Session I: Presentation of WaterDiss2.0 Dissemination and Uptake of FP Water Research Results

  1. Short welcome and presentation of WaterDiss2.0
  2. The WaterDiss2.0 Analysis grid and Dissemination Strategy Template

  3. The WaterDiss2.0 Toolbox

  4. The WaterDiss2.0 Activities

11:30 - 12:20 Session II: Best Practice Dissemination Strategies of Example EU-Funded Water Research Projects

  1. FP6 AMEDEUS Accelerate Membrane Development for Urban Sewage Purification
  2. FP6 BRIDGE Developing a Common Methodology for the Evaluation of Groundwater Environmental Quality

12:30 17:00: Session III: World Café workshop on improving dissemination and uptake of European research and identifying solutions for overcoming existing barriers

  1. Conclusions of the Conference