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WS- Estimating and monitoring the effects of river restoration measures - IS Rivers - Monday June 25, University Lumiere Lyon 2

11:30 to 5:45pm
pilot: CIRF

The workshop is organised by CIRF, the Italian Centre for River Restoration, within the activities of the FP7 project WaterDiss2.0, aiming at disseminating the results of EU funded research on water, in order to speed-up their transfer and application by policy makers and water managers. 

The event will be carried out with the collaboration of representatives from several recently concluded research projects, among which the FP7 WISER, the FP6 EURO-LIMPACS and AQUAMONEY, the IWRM-Net RIPFLOW have already confirmed their participation. Through the presentation of their main results, the state-of-the-art on the evaluation of river restoration benefits will be explored under different angles, from ecological status modifications to flood risk mitigation and other ecosystem services. 

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss directly with researchers on assessment frameworks and analysis of real case studies, and on how the results of recent research can help improving planning, implementation and monitoring of river restoration actions. 

After a presentation of single projects, a moderated discussion will follow, open to all participants. The event targets mainly River basin Authorities and other administrations involved in river basin planning and management, national and regional agencies responsible for river monitoring, river restoration practitioners.

For registration, please contact Sara Pavan, CIRF:



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