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WP 1

Work Package 1: Identify and analyse relevant projects

Task 1.1. Data gathering

Task 1.2. Analyze the dissemination impact

Task 1.3. Participatory stakeholders’ meeting

Task 1.4. Analysis of potential uptake

Task 1.5. Preliminary validation of SPi research needs


Reports and deliverables of Work Package 1 of the WaterDiss2.0 project

Dashboard of projects

The Dashboard of projects is a list of the FP projects with their state in WaterDiss2.0

Updated version of the dashboard table: August 2012

Dissemination Practices

This report on dissemination practices is an assessment of the dissemination practices of the FP projects already ended


The Compendium is a report, presenting information of the analysis done throughout the project. It is first written after the first year of the project and then updated at the end of the second year as well as shortly before the end of the project.

Consensus Conference

The Consensus Conference took place in November 2011 in the form or a participatory stakeholder meeting to review the proposed methodology. It reviews the “analysis and dissemination” process and tools proposed by WaterDiss2.0 and  checked the acceptability of the approach by both parties, scientists as well as practitioners.